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Diego Armando Maradona Biography – The Hand of God

Biography of Diego Armando Maradona | Maradona’s place after the football magician Pele. He was a famous football player in the FIFA of the Century in 2000. His name could have been the culmination of his football career, but he did not allow it to become so prevalent.

The club fined him $70,000 in the middle of his career to save the footballer’s career. He mingled with the emotions of the people that Bangladesh had even committed suicide in the event of his ban.

Speaking of which, the Argentine fans have already understood about the Argentine football god Diego Maradona.

Diego Maradona and sexist Dalma Sulfur came to the couple’s house on October 30, 1989. Their fourth child, Diego Maradona, was born at the province’s polyclinic and hospital.

However, his father had to struggle to run the whole family of the 6% Arun who grew up. Due to the fact that he started playing football from a very young age while playing at the age of 10, he saw a scout named Francesco Ko.

He then started playing for Buenos Aires junior Sirius, playing 134 matches in a row for the team, and signed for the title at the age of 12, just before his 16th birthday in 1986. He made his professional football debut for Argentina.

He was with the club until 1981, scoring 115 goals in 18 games. His first international debut was in less than a year. He made his debut against Hungary on 26 February 1966 at the age of 18. The following year, the 198 World Cup was played at home by the Argentines, while Maradona was at the peak of his career but did not make the World Cup squad.

As a result, the then-coach 20 was severely criticized for not being able to play for the main national team, but in 1989, at the age of 18, he represented Argentina in the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

At the time, he had already moved to Qatar with his players, with Argentina defeating the Soviet Union 3-1 in the final to become the champions. On 2 June 1989, he scored his first goal for the senior team against Scotland.

Maradona then received the Golden Ball as the best player in the entire World Cup for his outstanding performance. After the end of the World Cup, the Argentine club Juniors changed clubs for a million euros.

Biography of Diego Armando Maradona
Biography of Diego Armando Maradona

He joined in mid-1981 and won the first championship in 1982. The 1982 FIFA World Cup, the biggest event in world football, took place. Despite Argentina and the defending champions, Argentina fell behind from the first round.

In the second round, after losing to Brazil, the dream came to an end. Allah ended your World Cup and changed another point. Maradona joined Barcelona in 1982 for 15 million euros. This star ignited after coming home.

He scored 5636 goals in the 1983 Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup was won by Bara. But even then the time did not seem to be going well, on the one hand, due to illness and on the other hand, the President left the debate.

Maradona’s 7.9 million euro transfer in 1974 marked the turning point of his career after joining the Italian club, Napoli. The Napoli No. 10 jersey means a frenzy for the fans then.

It was the most successful time in Napoli’s history so far because of him winning the championship in Syria in the Napoleonic season. Maradona was the tournament’s top scorer in the 1986 season, going to the Coppa Italia in 1986 and runner-up in 1989.

He also won the Italian Super Cup in 1989-1990 and returned to the season as a runner-up in the championship. Maradona played for Titanium Hotspur shortly before the 1986 World Cup.

With a 2-1 win over the International, he played with the team he had left behind in the No. 10 jersey of Maradona’s crowd. He and his team dominated Argentina from the start to the end of the 1986 World Cup.

The most memorable match of this World Cup was in the quarter-finals of England after Maradona scored a goal in the 51st minute of the game after a goalless first half. He hit the ball with his hand while naming it “The Hand of God” 14 minutes later Maradona’s second goal.

He took his own money on the field and ran more than half of the field, scoring 5 English defenders and goalkeeper. This goal was voted the best goal of the century when he conducted an online poll in 2002.

He also said on television on August 22, 2005, that his head had not been touched and that at the time he knew it was illegal. Then they lost all the teams one by one and won the title with Germany in the final.

Asif got the Golden Ball as the best player. In his honor, local authorities erected a statue of Maradona’s century in front of the stadium. The statue was placed in front of the entrance of the stadium and was also given many gifts during his World Cup career.

Jayaraj had a magical relationship in the 1990 World Cup but was very quiet due to an ankle injury. He was the victim of a record 50 fouls in any World Cup. He also has a record of 23 fouls in a match. However, it was in the 1982 World Cup match against Italy that the team went to the final with their performance.

But Andreas is not the only German to win the World Cup on a controversial penalty due to his result in the final. Everything was going well in Argentina, but you know, the rhythm is falling. Maradona became deeply addicted to religion.

He was not fined $60,000 by the club for breach of discipline and lack of practice. The police took the initiative to raise money themselves. But Maradona was no longer at the club and was caught in a drug test and returned from a 15-month ban.

After Maradona left in 1992 to officially wear the number 10 jersey in his honor, he joined the Spanish club Real Madrid and French club Olympia every month but joined the Spanish club, Sevilla.

He was there for a year and in 1993 he played for the Old Boys. Two months after being caught in the 90’s World Cup, the ban on playing in this World Cup ended his 17-year international career after World Cup.

Throughout his career, he scored 34 goals in 91 games. He returned in 1995 and played there for two years before retiring from all forms of football on the evening of his birthday in 1998, after which he began his coaching career.

He was Argentina’s head coach at the 910 World Cup. That same year, he was named in Times Magazine’s Top 10 World Cup squad of all time. After resigning as the national team coach, he took charge of a local club in Argentina in 2013.

Married on November 8, 1984, they have two children. Maradana and Big Mia separated in 2004. In 2013, Maradona Diego Fernando was born in the womb of his ex-girlfriend.


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